WordPress 2.51 and IIS error – Notice: Undefined index: REQUEST_URI in \wp-settings.php on line 81

The original wordpress 2.5 error mentioned in the last post was fixed in the 2.51 release but there is an additional error that crops up. If you are getting an error similiar to the follwing: Notice: Undefined index: REQUEST_URI in … [Continue reading]

WordPress 2.5 and IIS error and solution

After installing WordPress 2.5 I started getting a line of error text in every page of the admin area: Notice: Undefined index: PATH_INFO in C:\WebSites\user\webroot\blog\wp-settings.php on line 72 Notice: Undefined index: PATH_INFO in … [Continue reading]

Starter Kit Friendly Web Host

[ad#square-post-ad]Since my favorite web host has moved upstream and no longer will offer starter (e.g. less than $59/ month) hosting plans to users I have a new starterkit friendly hosting company - http://aspkit.net - You get MS SQL 2005 with all … [Continue reading]

Google Map API – Adding address markers and geocoding

I had a need to add a set of markers to a Google map using the Google Maps API that could be easily modified over time.  It is fairly easy to add markers with the Google Maps API but I wanted to put something together that will do the geocoding at … [Continue reading]

Examples of live Starter Kit Sites

Since I talk about using various starter kits, I thought I would share the acutal live sites that I have put up over time.  In no particular order, here they are: http://www.rvresort.com - using "My Web Pages" http://www.redhotchilimommas.com … [Continue reading]

Working with the My Web Pages Starter Kit

I had a need for a simple content management system website that could be up and running with minimal effort and the "My Web Pages Starter Kit" fit the bill. The "My Web Pages Starter Kit" is as simple as it gets to  install and use - just upload … [Continue reading]

Adventures in CSK 2.01

My recent adventures in starter kits is CSK 2.01 and I am here to share what I have learned to make your implementation a little easier.  First, get yourself a good web host CSK because of its PayPal integration needs a Full Trust host - GoDaddy and … [Continue reading]

What you need to know about Domain names

If you are just getting started with your web presence you have figured out that you not only need to find a web hosting company you also need a domain registar to get the name of the site you want.  There are two main options when it you are … [Continue reading]

Setting up your ASP Starter Kit on UltimaHosts.net

The walkthrough for setting up your Starter Kit on Ultimahosts.net is as follows: Log into your DotNetPanel (AKA control panel) at http://home.ultimahosts.net/ and then select the User Space where you will locate your web site (Starter, … [Continue reading]

Other online resources

Not finding what you are looking for at askstarterkit.com? Try these other online resources that I have found very useful: ASP.NET Tutiorials - A number for tutorials on how to accomplish typical tasks including code samples … [Continue reading]