Working with the My Web Pages Starter Kit

I had a need for a simple content management system website that could be up and running with minimal effort and the “My Web Pages Starter Kit” fit the bill. The “My Web Pages Starter Kit” is as simple as it gets to  install and use – just upload the files to your host and you can manage everything in your browser.  It is very shared hosting friendly as it works in a Medium Trust environment and does not need a SQL database since it stores data in XML files.  It comes with 16 themes that you can select from and is available in 8 languages and counting.  So that is the good news.  I found some of the built in features a little weak and the community support to be a bit tepid but if you are looking for a simple CMS and don’t want to invest the time to ge up to speed in DNN, you should check it out.  It may fit the bill for you if its built in features meet your needs.


  1. I saw one of your website that you created using the My Web Page Stater Kit (i.e. It’s a very nice and job well done!!

    My question is, would you please recommnd me a hosting compnay for the My Web Page Stater Kit. I am planning to develop a site for a Canadian non-profit organization but I am having difficulty in finding one.


  2. astatke – I personally prefer for most starter kit hosting and they are the host I use for the site (thanks for your comments about it) That being said, since the My Web Page Starter kit works in a medium trust environment and does not require a database you could go with a cheaper option like or The downside with those companies is that their tech support is pretty weak. The upside is that the My Web Page Starter kit is simple to get up and running so hopefully you won’t need tech support.

  3. I am looking CMS system.
    My Web Pages Starter Kit is good.
    Thank you

  4. We have a jpg file showing various news portals on our home page. However, I have an animated .swf, with html, made in Flash that I would like to upload in its place.

    I would so appreciate it if you gave me specific instructions on how to do this, including the html that may be needed.

    Thank you very much!
    Terry Seale

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