Setting up your ASP Starter Kit on

The walkthrough for setting up your Starter Kit on is as follows:

  1. Log into your DotNetPanel (AKA control panel) at and then select the User Space where you will locate your web site (Starter, Standard, Unlimited – depending on the type of plan you signed up for)
  2. Under the “Hosting Space Menu” on the left click on “Domains” and add the domain name you will use for your site.
  3. Again under the “Hosting Space Menu” click on “Web Sites”, then click on the ”Create Web Site” button and associate the domain you just entered in step 1 with your new web site.
  4. You will now be at a page of “Web Site Properites” which should all be fine at the default setting except that under the “Security Settings” section you may need to check the “Enable Write Permissions” button depending on which Starter Kit you are using.  I know that the Club Starter Kit 2.0, Community Server 2007 and CSK do require you to enable the write permissions.
  5. Go back the the “Hosting Space Menu” and select “Database” and “SQL Server 2005″.  Now click on the “Create Database” button and name the database you want to create.  Write down this name.  Go back to the “SQL Server 2005″ menu and click on the “Create User” button.  Create a user that is accociated with the database you just created and write down the user name an password that you just created.  You will need all of the information from this step to modify your Connection String in the web.config file in the root of your web site so that you can connect to Ultimahosts SQL server database.  Your connection string will need to be modified to the form of “;
    Database=databaseName;Uid=userName;Password=password” where the database name, username and password are the information you just wrote down.
  6. Go back the the “Hosting Space Menu” and select “FTP.” Create a FTP account that has access to the wwwroot folder of your web site.
  7. Use Visual Web Developer or your favorite FTP client to upload your web site files to  The url you need to FTP to takes the form of unless your domain name server has not yet propogated your web address and then it will take the temporary form of
  8. Complete a “Restore” of your local Starter Kit Database to the Ultimahosts Server using the steps outlines in the other post on this blog.
  9. You are all done and should be up and running!

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