Google Map API – Adding address markers and geocoding

I had a need to add a set of markers to a Google map using the Google Maps API that could be easily modified over time.  It is fairly easy to add markers with the Google Maps API but I wanted to put something together that will do the geocoding at the same time so I don’t have to manually add the lat / lng coordinates when I just want to add an address.  As a result I put together the following bit of script.  The addresses are loaded from an xml file named data.xml, geocoded and then added to the map.  If you are going to use this example for yourself, just add your Google Maps API key and enter the addresses you want to add. You can visit a LIVE SAMPLE or download the full html page and associated data.xml file from HERE. 


  1. I’m interested in the google maps integration on my webpages starter kit installation. I was wondering though if we could feed it a variable to show location of all my members based upon info they provide IE their address? Love to talk with you.


  2. Mark,

    Should certainly be possible. How are your member addresses stored? (SQL db, excel, xml, etc..) The main issues should getting the addresses formatted into xml that the geocoder can read, return lat/ lng and add to the map. You can contact me at if you want to share more details.


  3. venkata ramana says:


    my self venkata ramana working in hyderabad, can u plz help from this… i got one task from my manager i.e…

    1)develop a google map api in aspx
    2)in tht no hard coding ,use xml and css files
    3)on txt box and btn should b there
    4)users should enter the name of the place they want to see and click the btn
    5)by cliking the btn they should see the place in the google map

    waiting for ur reply…..its urgent plzzz

  4. Hello,

    First a little clarification.
    Are you looking to have a page like the map at where an address is entered into the text box and a marker is placed on the map?
    That page is mostly driven by addresses but if you enter the name of a famous or well know location (“eiffel tower”, “taj mahal”, “statue of liberty” etc) it will place a marker as well.
    Is that what you are looking for or something different?


  5. Venkata – I have added a new post that includes code that mimics the getlatlng website – let me know if you are having any problems.

  6. Hello,

    This is a great code example. This has really helped me out. I was wondering if you have any quick ideas on adding labels to the maskers.


  7. Marc,

    To add labels when a marker is clicked you would use the built in GEvent.addListener and openInfoWindowHtml to detect a click on your marker and display the HTML of your choosing. The HTML can be static, or more interestingly you could add the variables to pull from your xml data.

  8. Jason,

    How do i pull multiple addresses from a db and display them on google maps? Does your code allow for that? Do I require lat/long data, all i have is the street address city state zip info.

    My website, currently will display a list of service companies based on location filters and service categories. I would like to display the results wiht a summarized list of accounts on left side (just like google maps provides) and a map on right wiht business locations indicated.

    Also, if you know of any programmers that can do this i would be interested in getting their contact info.



  9. Jeff – it is certainly possible to use a db to store the addresses. Check out the following sample –

    While not absolutely required, you should geocode your addresses into lat/ lng for performance and accuracy reasons. You can use a batch geocoding service to geocode your database of addresses into lat/ lng coordinates.

    I don’t have any specific programmer recommendations but you should check out – the have a great service for getting you set up with programmers.


  10. Hi

    I would like to congratulate you for Nice post.

    I have some questions.

    I am using and I have some addresses stored in my SQL 2005 database along with latitude and longitude.

    I want to display this information on th sidebar and place markers also respectively.

    How can I achieve this?

  11. Amit – The recommended approach is:
    1) Output xml from MS SQL 2005 with the lat/ lng and address (see –
    2) Use the code from this post to read the xml file and create the markers
    3) You can also use .net to read the xml file and display the info in your side bar

  12. Is there a code that will allow users to add markers to your map? I have been looking everywhere for something like it, it would be nice if they could load photos as well but adding a marker would be huge for my site.

  13. David – Following the example in the post you would need to have a form that the user would enter information into and then the form would write the info to the xml file. You can show photos (actually any html is fine) in the info window of the markers but you will need a bit of coding for users to be able to upload.

  14. Great Article. I am new to the google Map api, and was trying to get an xml feed to add the markers. Your a god send.

    One more thing. I want to add an info box…so when people click on the marker, they see the info for that marker. I have seen the demos, etc…and can get info to pop up…but it is not unique to the specific marker. It looks like it is the last marker in the xml data.

    any help would be greatly appreciated.

  15. Jim – Seems like a problem with your event listener or the way your loop is structured in the code. Give me a little bit and I will put up an working example with pop up windows.

  16. thanks man…I figured it was something easy, or something overlooking…but frustrating as all heck!

  17. Jim – I just posted the example. Hope it helps.

  18. anas rahat says:

    I want to add a google talk API in my website developed on ASP.Net 2.0?

  19. Hello,

    Thanks for a great post!! Have you got a version of exactly this but with the info boxes poping up when you click on a marker?? As well as to automatically calculate the zoom position?

    Many Thanks

  20. I like the post!
    but have problem with multiple addresses
    i have to show 100 addresses but yuore code shows only 20
    what can be the problem?

    my XML:

  21. Dan – can you repost or email me the xml you are using? I there is a problem in the xml (or in just one of the xml addresses) it can stop all of the markers from showing up.

  22. Erika – Check out the post “Google Map API – Markers with Pop Up Windows” and I think you will find what you are looking for.

  23. I send u the XML file via Email
    thank you!

  24. Hi,

    I was wondering if you can get an address by just clicking on the map, the project im working on is for getting statisitcs. So the user just multi clicks the area needed and i should be looking inside that area so i thought of searching by district because you see i have this huge DB and i want to search by districts, so is there any way the address is retrieved when the users clicks on the map?


  25. Hi I just got an website and I want to display my members location on google maps with a small pictuer of the member. can this be done? if so how can I do it I’m very very new to all these things and with no knowledge of HTML. please help

  26. Wow, just what I was looking for; great work!

  27. This is great. Is there anyway to force the javascript to recheck the xml and redraw new markers in the xml file, when the page refreshes.

    I’m trying to create a page that will refresh itself every 10 mins, and mark any new points added to the xml file.

    Problem is when I reload the index.html file thru the brower, it doesn’t recheck the xml file. It is only when I close the page and open again will the new markers appear.

  28. Hi , your example works perfectly , but how can I add some custom icon , custom html in info window and etc to function AddtoMap() ?? plz help

  29. Basically I am designing a website for my final year project which should allow members to car share.
    But what I am really stuck on is the fact that tutorials in Google do not provide the code for ASP.Net with C# or if I am using SQL server.

    What I want my website to do is, show icons on the map of all the car sharers within a certain radius whose preferences match with the user. I am not using a login as I might not have time – but say if I was the user, I want the website to compare my preferences with all the members, and those who match, will be shown on the google map, when I hit the command button ‘search’. Preferences are things like ‘Smoker/Non-Smoker’, Gender they are willing to travel with etc.

    Can you tell me how to do this, or if it is possible to do it in 3 or 4 days time? I am not gonna have too many records in the database, just a few so that the system can demonstrate it can do the stuff.


  30. Thanks Jason, I will have a look at it.

  31. Hi Jason,
    Thanks for the link, but I found the code that you gave at the top of this page much easier. Is there no way the XML file could hold the addresses based on the search criteria when a query is initialised. Is there no way the database updates the xml file?

    Also the source you mentioned, does not actually say how I can get specific data to be shown based on the preferences of the user who is logged in? Any tips?

  32. Hi Jason,

    I got the database to output the records in XML file, but its in a different format then the one you posted above. By looking at the following data from the database generated XML file, how could I adapt my aspx code so that it selects the address value from the XML file generated by the database?

    This is the xml file that i get:

    As you can see there is no quotation mark or ‘Marker’/'Markers’ element specified. What do I do?

  33. I’m trying to add a form field that when submitted adds the address marker (as nicely demonstrated here) that updates an XML file and the XML file spits out the content that is in the sidebar, adding the point and making the marker clickable/pop-out. I’ve found help on each of these things separately but am having a time putting it together.

    I’ve tried a function that deletes the last line “” and then reads it after the fopen, write, but nothing was written. Everytime I get one thing working something else breaks. Having a tough time as I’m new to Google Maps.

    Any help would be amazing.


  34. Hello Jason,
    This example is great! Got me up and running after trying several things. Admittedly, I am a total beginner with Google Maps API. I had a similar issue to Dan whilst trying to call out say, 100 or 200 addresses. Is this the 100ms limit I heard about? How to curb this? Check out the map here:

    And the xml file:

    Any help would be appreciated! Really, excellent example!

  35. Luis,

    If you are having a large number of entries in the xml file I recommend storing actual lat/ lng coordinates rather than geocoding the whole list everytime the webpage is pulled up. Performance is slow when geocoding a large number of entries. You can look at my most post “Google Map API – Markers with Pop Up Windows” which uses lat/ lng coordinates rather than an address as an example. Good luck with your project!


  36. Cheers Jason,
    I appreciate the reply. I guess I wanted this to be a bit more dynamic. Maybe I can just write something that does the geocoding separately and then the page looks at the geocoded cities.

  37. Best of luck. A two step approach can certainly work.


  38. Hi Jason, I am new to Google maps api and my scenario is like this:

    i am doing a market survey app where i need to compare my comunity with other communities spread in about 3 miles radius. I will know the names of the communities. so i need to show them on a google m,ap with my cummunity in the center and with a different marker than all other communities to which im comparing. also i need to display the name of the community on the marker, i used title but it apears only on hover, i need somthing which stays there.

  39. I have one SQL table which maintains location details based on that I want to show Goggle MAPS. Could you please suggest How can I do this in
    ASP or ASP.NET.Please help me asap as It is urgent.

  40. hey thank you very much :) this help me to approach my goal :)

  41. I want to add multiple markers using full address of the location but without providing latitude longitude.
    How can I do this?


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