Starter Kit Friendly Web Host

[ad#square-post-ad]Since my favorite web host has moved upstream and no longer will offer starter (e.g. less than $59/ month) hosting plans to users I have a new starterkit friendly hosting company – – You get MS SQL 2005 with all plans, auto install of many startkits, full trust environment, free 7 day trial and much more all startering at $9.95/ month.  If you have been banging your head against 1and1 or godaddy service and tech support or if you just need a full trust environment this is the place for you. is .NET only and focuses on starter kit hosting with a support staff that knows your issues. If you want to see how easy it can be to get your starterkit online check out Give it a try.

Examples of live Starter Kit Sites

Since I talk about using various starter kits, I thought I would share the acutal live sites that I have put up over time.  In no particular order, here they are: – using “My Web Pages” – using “Club Starter Kit 2.0″ – using “Personal Starter Kit”

If you any questions or comments about any of those sites, just let me know.

Working with the My Web Pages Starter Kit

I had a need for a simple content management system website that could be up and running with minimal effort and the “My Web Pages Starter Kit” fit the bill. The “My Web Pages Starter Kit” is as simple as it gets to  install and use – just upload the files to your host and you can manage everything in your browser.  It is very shared hosting friendly as it works in a Medium Trust environment and does not need a SQL database since it stores data in XML files.  It comes with 16 themes that you can select from and is available in 8 languages and counting.  So that is the good news.  I found some of the built in features a little weak and the community support to be a bit tepid but if you are looking for a simple CMS and don’t want to invest the time to ge up to speed in DNN, you should check it out.  It may fit the bill for you if its built in features meet your needs.