Free Windows host –

If you are just dipping your feet in .NET or if you are on an extreme budget you can get free .NET 3.5 hosting from You get .NET 3.5 200MB of storage and 2000MB of transfer. You get a MySQL DB but not MS SQL (which excludes the use of most .NET starter kits.) To get a MS SQL DB you will need an upgrade or a different hosting provider. Free Windows hosts are pretty rare given the cost of Microsoft products. If your needs are modest it might be the host for you.

Filezilla is a great FTP program

If you are in need of a FTP program and don’t want to pay for a commercial one, I recommend the open source filezilla. It comes it both a server and client edition, is free and has a great community behind it. It is frequentl updated and has all of the FTP program functionality you are looking for. Check it out.