Small Business/ Personal kit download UPDATE

After not being available for a week or so, Microsoft has updated their download page for Starter Kits. There have been some additional kit added such as, BlogEngine.NET Starter Kit, Kigg Starter Kit,, FlexWiki, Umbraco and Yet Another Forum.

You can download all of the starter kits from the site

Download Small Business Starter Kit

If you are in need of the Small Business Starter Kit while Microsoft relocates their starterkits on the web you are welcome to download them here.  Just click for the VB or the C# versions.

Download Personal Starter Kit

Microsoft has (temporarily?) disabled the links to download older starter kits from its website. As such, I am hosting them here until they are re-enabled. If you want the download the Personal Web Starter Kit just click here – Personal Web Starter Kit Download
If you are in need of another starter kit that is not available from the Microsoft website, leave a comment I will upload it if I can.