Setting up your ASP Starter Kit on

The walkthrough for setting up your Starter Kit on is as follows:

  1. Log into your DotNetPanel (AKA control panel) at and then select the User Space where you will locate your web site (Starter, Standard, Unlimited – depending on the type of plan you signed up for)
  2. Under the “Hosting Space Menu” on the left click on “Domains” and add the domain name you will use for your site.
  3. Again under the “Hosting Space Menu” click on “Web Sites”, then click on the ”Create Web Site” button and associate the domain you just entered in step 1 with your new web site.
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Other online resources

Not finding what you are looking for at

Try these other online resources that I have found very useful:
ASP.NET Tutiorials - A number for tutorials on how to accomplish typical tasks including code samples

List of Available Starter Kits

The are two broad types of starter kits available. The original starter kits released by the ASP.NET team and community supported starter kits.

The ASP.NET team starter kits are:

  1. Small Business Site Starter Kit - The Small Business Starter Kit provides a sample of a business promotion website suitable for small and medium-sized businesses.
  2. Personal Web Site Starter Kit – A typical personal site that includes a photo album system.
  3. Club Web Site Starter Kit – A starting point for creating a web site for your club or organization.
  4. Time Tracker Starter Kit – A business web application for keeping track of hours spent on a project with the ability to handle multiple resources as well as multiple projects.
  5. Classifieds Web Site Starter Kit – The Classifieds Site Starter Kit provides a complete, ready to run, fully customizable, Web site for listing and managing classified advertisements.

All of these can be found at
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Recommended Web Hosts for Starter Kits

I am only going to speak from personal experience here but the two best hosts for that I have used are and  I currently have all of my sites over at because they were a better value for me.  As an additional bonus will instantly set you up with a free trial account so you can make sure they work for you before you commit to a hosting plan. While quite inexpensive, I had nothing but problems with and and the price discount was not worth the headache.  That being said if anyone has had good success with either one of those hosts or any other host for that matter please chime in with your thoughts.�

How to Get Your Starter Kit Launched on a Web Host

The most common problem for the novice Starter Kit user is moving their site from their personal computer to their web host.

A common stumbling block is the database configuration.  When you run the StarterKit on your personal computer a database file is created in the App_Data folder of your site and everything works fine. When you move the site to your web host this database will not work for you.  You are going to have to copy the information from the database on your personal computer and replicate it to your Web hosts SQL Server Database either through a backup and restore proceedure (which is the way I like to do it) or through running a script against the hosted database.  Check out the steps below for the details.

I am assuming you have your site up and running just fine on your local machine and here are the steps to move to a hosted environment.

Basic Steps:

1) Get a web hosting account.  You already have one you say?  Great, but all web hosts are not created equal.  Not to knock anyone in particular too much but some of the large (and inexpensive) web hosts (godaddy, 1and1, etc.) make it a challenging to get your starter kit to work.  In particular, some starter kits such as CSK and Club Starter Kit 2.0 among others require that you have a full trust rather than a medium or partial trust environment on your Web host.  This is not going to be something that you can change – either your host provides it or they do not.  There are several hosts that specialize in .NET hosting (such as, among many more) and they will make your life much easier when you want to go live with your web site.  It is up to you but you may be able to save yourself a lot of time and anguish by researching which web hosts work well with your particular Starter Kit.  In addition, many of the hosts that specialize in .NET hosting have an option in their control panel where they will automatically install a blank Starter Kit into your hosted space.  Now this is not going to help you if you have already customized your Starter Kit locally but if you are just now getting started there is no easier way to get live on the Internet.

2) Create a blank SQL 2005 database on your Web Host.  The exact steps to do this are going to vary by Web Host by will be accomplished from your online control panel.  Be sure to write down the name of the database you created.

3) Create a user for that database on your Web Host.  Again the exact steps are going to vary but it will be accomplished through your control panel and you will need to write down the user name and password you created.

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